The first engine manufacturing works of our founder Oktay Demirağ, 1974

The first engine manufacturing, 1974

Mr. Oktay Demirağ and various engines

The first prototype car, 1977

Prototype work, 1979

Prototype completed in 1979

Our Corporate History

  • Altınboğa was established in Istanbul by Mr. Oktay Demirag in 1957. When the calendar were showing the year 1965, Altinboga was already manufacturing a range of spare parts for various Original Equipment Manufacturers in Automotive Industry in the factory with a indoor space of 3500 square meters at the shore of Golden Horn in Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Between 1970 and 1979, Altinboga were developed two different passenger car models in different categories and four different models of diesel engines with different output range with 250 employees in it’s factory.
  • In early 90’s, Altinboga have manufactured a line of light duty commercial vehicles powered by the diesel engines that have produced in the very same factory. It was Turkey’s first licensed, patented, tested and produced light duty commercial vehicle with 100% local material and workmanship.
  • Just after 40 years of it’s foundation, Altinboga became an extraordinary company who has it’s own technology and know-how in Automotive industry. That was the primary reason that in 1996, Altinboga has appointed as The National Distributor of Kubota Corporation (a titanic Japanese automotive conglomerate which was established in 1890 at Osaka, Japan) in Turkey, for the industrial use diesel engines with liquid cooling.
  • Altınboğa Makina, which has become one of the rare companies with its own technology and knowledge; The production of Marine, Mobile and Standard types of Albo Generator started in 2005, and as of 2020, Albosan Makina San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti. continues as.
  • Albo Generators with a wide range of products provide safe energy.
  • Combining its long-term knowledge with innovative studies and modern designs, Albo uses world-renowned Kubota engines with long-lasting, low fuel consumption and environmentally friendly exhaust emission values.
  • The lowest vibration effect is provided with the quality equipment it has in its hardware. Its silent operation and compact dimensions have made Albo Generators maximum efficient.

Our Mission;

to pioneer other componies in the sector via standards-compliant products with quality manufacturing.


our company accepted task to pioneer this sector through to follow innovations and this task aimed to provide with working a educated team which have high performance according to full compatibility principle to customer requirements.As the company, to enlarge with improving our resources has been our basic and permanent targets.

Quality Policy

ALBOSAN Makine San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti. Quality Policy are followings:

– To produce quality products towards customer requirements according to unconditional customer satisfaction,

– To educate workers and to rise workers satisfaction at highest level,

– Working with team spirit,

– In our generator production, Kubota engine spare parts supplying and technical service supporting services, unconditionallyconformity withISO 9001 standards, legislations and legal conditions, towards the principle oftotalqualitymanagement, established quality system improving is aimed.

– Quality service is provided with quality personnel. To steer all employees towards company quality policy and To provide quality in every job has been our basic principle.


Quality Product,



Quality Certificates